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We present to you Kama Sutra's best products, with the wish to accent and enhance your sensations as you journey through your Path2Pleasure. Soothing fragrances fill your sensation of smell and edible body oils, creams, lotions and powders, bring new delights to your taste - all shared in the realm of pleasure.

Aromatic Loving Candles    $22.50
Basking in the soft flicker and fragrant bouquet of an Aromatic Candle, hearts catch fire, spirits glow and inhibitions go up in smoke. Enveloped in thick frosted glass, these gently hued candles take on a romantic, translucent appeal, the perfect touch by bed or bath.  
Aromatic Massage Oils    $13.00
These light, non-greasy massage oils glide on easily to minimize friction, avoid irritation and allow the purest expression of love to flow freely from your hands. Each Aromatic Botanical blend is drenched with naturally pampering essential oils, skin-soothing emollients and nourishing Vitamin E. 8 oz.  
Earthly Delights Gift Tin    $65.00
Only the gift of love itself could be more intoxicating. A generous, playful and inspiring offering for weddings, anniversaries, second honeymoons or any couple in the mood for fun. Inside, The Original Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust, Honey Almond Massage Cream and Sweet Almond Massage Oil.  
Herbal Bath Renewal    $24.00
There's an Aromatic Botanical blend for every mood, each containing naturally bewitching essential oils, nourishing minerals and detoxifying sea salts artfully combined to soften the skin, pamper the body and renew the soul. Atop each box you'll find our antiqued metal leaf scoop, a specially commissioned piece from jewelry designer Charles Methany. 16 oz box  
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